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Wi-Fi Bridge Kits

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Wi-Fi bridge kits provide all the necessary equipment to create a Wi-Fi link between two fixed locations. Our Wi-Fi bridge kits come with everything you need to get started, including all the necessary equipment, power adapters, outdoor-rated cabling and mounting hardware.  Our Wi-Fi bridge kits all come pre-configured, so you can get going straight away.

Wi-Fi bridge kits are ideal for:

  • Extending Ethernet-based data cabling to hard to reach locations, e.g, CCTV camera locations,
  • Extending Wi-Fi coverage to nearby buildings, e.g., adjacent office buildings.
  • Sharing your internet connection to nearby buildings, e.g., granny flats.

We offer several different Wi-Fi bridge kits, based on the following requirements:

  • Physical distance: how far you want the wireless link to work.
  • Aesthetics: whether you want large or small wireless antennas.
  • Performance: The speed of the wireless connection.

All our Wi-Fi bridge kits are 100% waterproof (IP-65 rated) and are designed for outdoor environments. This increases the reliability dramatically.

If you’re confused about which Wi-Fi bridge kit is right for you, feel free to contact us and we can advise the best solution for you.

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