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  • Dovado PRO 4G/3G/LTE USB-modem Router
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Dovado PRO 3G/4G/LTE USB-Modem Router

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 Product Description

Dovado PRO: The world's fastest router for 4G/LTE USB modems!

Dovado routers support USB modems for 4G/LTE and 3G mobile broadband. Simply insert a modem into your Dovado router, and share the Internet connection via Wi-Fi in no time!

Device Summary
• Supports the majority of Australian 4G & 3G USB modems currently on the market
• 4 x Gigabit LAN ports plus 1 x Gigabit WAN port
• 2 x 3dBi 2.4GHz Wi-Fi dipole antennas for excellent Wi-Fi coverage
• Extra USB port to support NAS (storage) or Home Automation

Problems the Dovado PRO will solve
• Need to share your mobile broadband connection with multiple devices via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

• Already have a mobile hotspot (e.g. 760S or USB dongle with inbuilt Wi-Fi) but need decent Wi-Fi coverage
• Already have a mobile hotspot (e.g. 760S or USB dongle with inbuilt Wi-Fi) but want improved download speeds
• Want to avoid installing carrier connection manager software on your computer, especially the issues around differing versions for various dongles

USB dongles and mobile hotspots with Wi-Fi built in typically have poor download/upload speeds as they contain routing processors that are built for price and not speed. They also contain small Wi-Fi antennas which provide poor coverage, especially when you need to cover your home. Disabling Wi-Fi on your mobile hotspot or USB dongle and using the Wi-Fi and routing functions built into the Dovado PRO should see your connectivity speeds improve. The routing processor in the Dovado PRO is capable of the full 150Mbps download speeds of Category 4 LTE (check out the Video section), and the 3dBi Wi-Fi antennas will give you exceptional Wi-Fi coverage.

Why buy from WirelessGear?
• We aim to provide the best prices on hardware and shipping. Seen it somewhere cheaper? Let us know!
• We strive to provide the best possible service to our customers in both pre-sales and post-sales support.
• We hold a huge stock of the entire Dovado range and our orders typically ship within a few hours of receipt.
• We do everything we can to ensure your order gets to you ASAP.

Fantastic Reviews and Support

Take a look at this discussion showing glowing reviews from customers and fast support from Dovado.

Unmatched Speed

The universal demand for high speed has finally been met with the Dovado PRO!

During the past decade, mobile networks have evolved 5000 times in speed, resulting in a 150 Mbps fiber-like experience for out-of-reach places. Inheriting years of software development along with the best-of-breed components, the Dovado PRO is positioned as the frontrunner in the mobile broadband race.

As a pioneering innovator in the mobile broadband industry, Dovado continuously places great effort into supporting the very latest USB modems at their highest possible speed. To complement speed, Dovado routers make most use of handy features within the modems, such as SMS and Frequency Selection.*

The Dovado PRO supports the latest modems, features, enhancements and fixes thanks to its frequent firmware updates.

One crucial requirement for any home or business is the availability of the Internet. To meet such a requirement regardless of whether you are using fixed or mobile broadband, the Dovado PRO will utilize the ingenuity of the Connection Tracker along with the unique capabilities of SmartUSB. With the ability to automatically fail-over between fixed and mobile broadband, your Internet uptime is at its highest.

Nifty Features
Providing you a second USB port, the Dovado PRO unlocks a great deal of potential. For example, it is possible (with help of a 3rd party Home Automation USB controller) to remotely control the lighting and heating within your home with anything from a simple SMS command to a smartphone app. In addition to which, the router can act as a storage server to smoothen the sharing of photos and videos within your home.
* See www.dovado.com/modems for SMS compatibility

Sonos Compatible  
The Dovado range of products are ideal for people who want to utilize their existing 3G/4G internet connection but need a good quality router for their Sonos wireless Hi-Fi to connect. Sonos recommends the Dovado Pro, Tiny or GO as a fast and simple router that is compatible with their Wi-Fi equipment.

New! USB Modem Redundancy 
With USB Modem Redundancy, you can use your DOVADO PRO in a wide variety of applications, ranging from M2M, greater uptime for your business, home and even when crossing borders. Having two operators in one router gives you the uptime assurance you were lacking previously. This feature now available on the 7.2 firmware release.

New! Belkin WeMo Switch Integration

The DOVADO PRO router is now able to control Belkin WeMo power switches.

USB Modem Compatibility
The Dovado range is compatible with (but not limited to) the following popular USB modems:

Bigpond Elite USB 306 (Sierra USB 306)
Bigpond Elite USB 308 (Sierra USB 308)
Bigpond Mobile Wi-Fi 4G (Sierra AirCard 760S)
Bigpond Ultimate USB 3G Modem (Sierra AirCard 312U)
Bigpond USB 4G (Sierra AirCard 320U)
Telstra 4G My Pocket Wi-Fi (ZTE MF910)
Telstra 4G Wi-Fi Pre-Paid Broadband (Huawei E5372T)
Telstra Elite Post-Paid Mobile Wi-Fi (ZTE MF60)
Telstra Elite Pre-paid 4G Wi-Fi (ZTE MF91)
Telstra Elite Pre-Paid MF668 (ZTE MF668)
Telstra Elite Pre-Paid Mobile Wi-Fi (ZTE MF60)
Telstra Elite USB 306 (Sierra USB 306)
Telstra Elite USB 308 (Sierra USB 308)
Telstra Pre-Paid 3G Wi-Fi (ZTE MF65)
Telstra Pre-Paid 4G My Pocket Wi-Fi Ultimate (Netgear Aircard 785S)
Telstra Pre-Paid 4G USB + Wi-Fi Plus (Huawei E8372h-608)
Telstra Pre-Paid 4G USB Wi-Fi (Huawei E8278s-602)
Telstra Pre-Paid USB 3G (Huawei E353T)
Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G (ZTE MF821)
Telstra Pre-Paid USB 4G (ZTE MF823)
Telstra Turbo Pre-Paid USB Modem (ZTE MF626i)
Telstra Ultimate USB 3G Modem (Sierra AirCard 312U)
Telstra USB 4G (Sierra AirCard 320U)
Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced (Netgear Aircard 782S)
Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced II (Netgear Aircard 790S)
Telstra Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III (Netgear Aircard 810S)

Optus Aircard 310U Business USB Modem (Sierra 310U)
Optus E160E USB Modem (Huawei E160E)
Optus E169 USB Modem (Huawei E169)
Optus E173 USB Starter Kit (Huawei E173)
Optus E1762 USB Modem (Huawei E1762)
Optus E188 USB Starter Kit (Huawei E188)
Optus E3131 3G USB Starter Kit (Huawei E3131)
Optus E3276 USB Modem (Huawei E3276s-150)
Optus E3276 v2 USB Modem (Huawei E3276s-601)
Optus E353 USB Modem (Huawei E353)
Optus E367 Platinum USB Modem (Huawei E367)
Optus E5377 4G WiFi Modem Kit (Huawei E5377Bs-605)
Optus E5786 WiFi Modem (Huawei E5786s-63a)
Optus E8372 4G Car Wi-Fi Kit (Huawei E8372h-607)

Vodafone K3773 USB Classic Modem (Huawei K3773)
Vodafone K4505 USB Mega Modem (Huawei K4505)
Vodafone K4511 USB Extreme Modem (Huawei K4511)
Vodafone K4605 USB Extreme Modem (Huawei K4605)
Vodafone K4606 USB Extreme 3G+ (Huawei K4606)
Vodafone K5150 USB 4G (Huawei K5150)
Vodafone Pocket WiFi 4G R215 (Huawei R215)
Vodafone Pocket WiFi 4G R216 (Huawei R216)

Virgin Mobile
Virgin MF90C 4G WiFi Modem (ZTE MF90C)
Virgin Mobile E3131 Value USB Modem (Huawei E3131)

Boost Mobile
Boost USB Pre-Paid Starter Kit (Huawei E160E)

Dodo E160E Pre-Paid USB Modem (Huawei E160E)
Dodo E169 Pre-Paid USB Modem (Huawei E169)

iiNet MobiiBroadband 3G E3131 (Huawei E3131)

See www.dovado.com/modems for the full list of compatible modems.

Dovado PRO Datasheet

Dovado PRO User Manual v8.3.0

 Product Videos

DOVADO PRO, World's Fastest Router Supporting 150Mbps 4G modems (Huawei E3276)
  • DOVADO PRO, World's Fastest Router Supporting 150Mbps 4G modems (Huawei E3276)
  • DOVADO routers support Mobile Hotspot devices
  • Embedded PPTP-based VPN client in DOVADO routers
  • DOVADO Router firmware 7.2 now supports USB Modem Redundancy (DOVADO PRO)

 Warranty Information

1 Year

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