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Dovado Pro Home automation now supports Belkin WeMo

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The DOVADO PRO now has the ability to automate your life with the Belkin WeMo Switch. As the Belkin WeMo is based on WiFi, it offers the ability to confirm your actions. For instance, if you send in a “heater off” SMS command to your DOVADO PRO, you will be able to verify that it is actually switched off as the DOVADO PRO will check the status of that heater upon your request (via web)...

The Belkin WeMo switch is an electrical wall-socket which can switch On/Off any appliance you plug into it. This can be anything from a coffee machine to a computer or a heater. It then communicates via WiFi and your internet connection. Although there is a native Belkin mobile app - the Dovado Pro you now have the means of controlling via its Scheduler and SMS commands. The Belkin WeMo Switch is available standalone here or as a bundle with the Dovado Pro here . As the DOVADO PRO supports up to 32 simultaneous WiFi clients, you can cover your house with plenty of WeMo switches during the holiday season!

Getting started with the Wemo and Dovado Pro:

  1. Download the Belkin WeMo mobile app (iOS/Android) from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and get started by adding a new WeMo Switch.
  3. Insert the Belkin WeMo Switch into a vacant electrical wall-socket while holding down the RESTORE button at the back of the WeMo Switch for 5 seconds.
  4. Go to the WiFi SETTINGS in your smartphone and select your WeMo (instead of your router).
  5. Then jump back into the Belkin WeMo app and proceed with the setup.
  6. You will be presented the opportunity to personalize your WeMo Switch with a different name (if you so choose). Make sure that “Remember Wi-Fi Settings” is ticked in if you plan on adding several WeMo's later on. Proceed.
  7. The Belkin WeMo Switch will now scan its immediate WiFi proximity and present which WiFi networks are nearby. Select your DOVADO PRO and enter the WiFi password (if necessary). Connect.
  8. After connecting, the app will say that it’s lost connection with your WeMo Switch, which is fine because it is now paired with your DOVADO PRO. You can now exit the app.
  9. Log into your DOVADO PRO’s admin page ( ) and proceed to the AUTOMATION page.
  10. Proceed to the ALIASES sub-page, select the following protocol: BELKIN->WeMo Switch. Push Scan. This will look for the vacant WeMo Switch.
  11. Once it has been located, it will pre-fill the Alias name. You can change that name to whatever you want (“bedroom1”, for example).

From there, you can automate in the following manner:

SMS: Send an SMS command to your DOVADO PRO (if you have configured it in the SMS->REMOTE CONTROL page) “bedroom1 on” and “bedroom1 off.

Mobile App (DOVADO Remote): Available for Android/iOS.

Web:Go to the AUTOMATION->MANUAL CONTROL page and Execute On or Off.

Scheduler: It is possible to set up a schedule with fixed/random times for switching on and off appliances. You can also use dynamic rules such as sunrise & sunset if you insert the GPS coordinates of your router into the POSITION->SETTINGS page (Fixed Position).

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