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The Top 12 most popular uses for the Dovado

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Here at WirelessGear, we have sold thousands of units to all different areas of Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Asia. One of the most interesting things we hear are the many uses that people have come up with for the Dovados. 

Below are our top 12 most popular use cases for the Dovado that you may not have considered:

  1. To add Ethernet functionality to your 4G internet connection
  2. To improve the Wi-Fi coverage inside your house
  3. To enable Sonos Hi-Fi systems to work correctly
  4. To share your printer to your 4G network
  5. Embedded systems - photo-booths, remote data capture etc etc
  6. To improve the speed of your 4G dongle
  7. To enable CCTV to be connected and remotely viewed via 4G
  8. To improve connectivity to your Xbox or PlayStation
  9. Temporary internet connections
  10. Home automation (Belkin WeMo and a few others)
  11. Set up a file server over 4G
  12. To enable VPN over 4G

Have you got a special application that you have used the Dovado for? Let us know in the comments!!

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